Thursday, 10 July 2008

My LCD Needs a Clean

Had my LCD Tv for about a year now (Samsung) and over that time it's picked up all manner of finger prints :)

So went online looking for some cleaner and after reading a few reviews the Plasma & LCD Screen Cleaner from Phillips (SVC2540/10) gets some good reviews so put my order in which comes with a microfiber screen cloth and special formula screen cleaning gel "always like the special stuff" for about £6.00

Hope to have in a day or two so i can write a little review

Update 11 July 2008

Well it turned up today and just used to clean them stubborn finger prints i have over my LCD TV screen, and within a few sprays of the liquid gel and a few wipes of the cloth they were gone and i have a TV which looks like new

In the box you get a bottle of a gel type liquid which from it's size and the amont you have to spray will last ages plus a microfiber screen cloth

So if you have a LCD or Plasma TV which needs a spring clean i would recommend too everyone and at about £6 it's a bargain

Plasma & LCD TV Screen Cleaner from Phillips (SVC2540/10)

Plasma & LCD TV Screen Cleaner from Phillips (SVC2540/10)

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