Monday, 7 July 2008

Capacitor Noise Asrock P4VM900-SATA2

If like me you own a Asrock P4VM900-SATA2 Socket 478 motherboard for the Intel Pentium 4 CPU from Asrock you may have the problem of capacitor noise which i found out the other week when i updated the CPU from a 2.6 to a 3.2 prescott

I fitted the 3.4 prescott and after putting the case back together i had a noise which sounded like the hard drive was about to fail so after changing the drive and the noise still being there i spent a few hours trying to track the problem down from changing power supply and taking out other cards i had in the computer only to find the sound was coming from the capacitors around the processor which it looks like have a problem with the extra power needed to run the 3.2 prescott

Well after emailing Asrock which were very helpful and replied within a few hours they said the problem is down to the thermal protection on the motherboard, so off i went to look in the bios to find that the bios which comes with the P4VM900-SATA2 has two settings for thermal protection one for the CPU and another for the motherboard which is in advanced settings

So the thing i did was disable the thermal throttling temperature setting for the motherboard but kept the protection for the CPU thermal throttling enabled and the problem of the capacitor noise was gone

Capacitor Noise P4VM900-SATA2 Asrock

Capacitor Noise P4VM900-SATA2 Asrock

Anyway if your looking for a Pentium 4 motherboard which comes with a PCI Express socket it's a great little board which i would recommend as boards for the good old P4 are getting a little hard to find these days which is a shame as theres a few more years life left in the Pentium 4 478


Chuano said...

I have this mothermoard with a similar problem, but in my BIOS there is only the the option for cpu thermal throttle. Which version of BIOS do you have? Maybe i don´t have that option because of different processor.

Eyerex said...

I'm using bios 1.10 which is what the motherboard came with have you looked under advanced options in bios

chuano said...

Yes, i have looked in advanced options and all the options in the bios, but this doesn't appear. I have the same bios version upgraded from 1.0. I'll ask to asrock, because it's a bit strange that option doesn't appear...

Eyerex said...

i will restart my PC just to make sure it's in the right place i said

Eyerex said...

Just had a look in my bios and it's in Chipset Configuration right down the bottom

Eyerex said...

Thing you could try is resetting the bios to see if the option comes up

chuano said...

I have already looked in chipset configuration, and i have the same options of your screen above, but justly that option doesn't appear.I will try to clear cmos and see if it appears, because it's a bit annoying.

chuano said...

Nothing, I have cleared the cmos and the option doesn't appear. I'm waiting an answer from asrock. thanks for your help.

Eyerex said...

Just wondered what processor you are running as i did have a P4 2.6 Prescott which didn't have the problem only when i ran a P4 3.2 Prescott

chuano said...

I have a P4 2.8 without HT. Probably that's why I don´t have that option. And I don't have the same problem as you. My problem is my system shuts down because of temperatures, but it's not very high, so I think the protection system of the motherboard is not working very well, so that's why i want to disable that option.

Eyerex said...

just wondered did you ever get the problem sorted with the capacitor noise

Danny Pong said...

I am using this motherboard and a P4 3.4E CPU (Prescott). However, when I use Intel Processor ID utility, it reports that it runs at 1.78 GHz and 420 MHz bus speed only. Any suggestion to run at full speed?

Eyerex said...

Hello what does system properties and the within the bios say your CPU is running at

if they also say it running at 1.78GHz and 420 MHz have you tried clearning the CMOS which you do by swapping a little jumper on the motherboard which resets the bios

PS what bios version are you running

AnimalsArentFood said...
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AnimalsArentFood said...

Some valuable information for anyone who owns a ASRock P4VM900 (P4VM900-SATA2) motherboard:

Set "Thermal Throttling Temperature" to Disabled.
Your system can be very badly choked if you don't.

- when the computer is starting up, press F2 to enter BIOS setup
- go to the Advanced main menu
- go to Chipset Configuration
- set "Thermal Throttling Temperature" to Disabled

I also highly recommend disabling "CPU Thermal Throttling"

- go back to the Advanced main menu
- go to CPU Configuration
- set "CPU Thermal Throttling" to Disabled

Remember to save changes before exiting BIOS setup.

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Okw said...

Is this capacitor noise you speak of a high pitched twitching and whining sound coming from somewhere near the mosfets next to the CPU when there's some I/O going on?

I still use this board and have always wondered over the noise it makes. Recently I've been thinking of swapping it's capacitors into new ones, but I kinda doubt it would help at all, because as far as I remember this noise has been there from the beginning.

I tried disabling the "Thermal Throttling Temperature" from the bios, but I neither have that option there. "CPU Thermal throttling" is there, but turning it on or off doesn't seem to affect the noise at all.

Probably the thermal throttling temperature is a Prescott-only option. I use a Northwood SL6WJ myself.