Thursday, 17 July 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8110

Hello all i just got my hands on a Blackberry Pearl 8110 for a few hours as mate just got one on T-Mobile and wanted it setup so he could get his Hotmail and Gmail on the move

Blackberry Pearl 8110 T-Mobile Phone

Can't really give a full review of functions and different settings as only had it for a few hours but here gos

First thing is i've never used a blackberry before but was surprised buy it's size being about the same as my Nokia N73 maybe a little smaller plus a lot lighter which for me felt like it would fall apart if anyone farted in the room, it just didn't have the feel of something you could Carry around all day

Also i had a problem with the keyboard as who in there right mind puts a qwerty keyboard on a small mobile device as it took me forever to input any settings but did like the scroll wheel which you use to move around the screen

So once i got round to remembering where the letter were it only took a few mins to setup Hotmail and Gmail of the Blackberry Pearl 8110 which was just a case of entering the email address and passwords and the messages started coming in

But for me it's not something i would rush out and buy as feel my nokia N73 does most things i need to do as i just go online with the phone which has Web&Walk setup to check my email plus i think you can download the Gmail app to have emails come to you just make sure you have a data plan setup to keep the cost down

PS a word of warning don't ever turn the Blackberry off as it takes forever to start up something like 3 or 4 mins :(

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Android TV said...

It's a competent if sometimes frustrating smartphone. You can't fault a BlackBerry for lacking features; it's just that its inelegant interface often makes tasks needlessly complex.