Sunday, 13 July 2008

Airport BBC (Jeremy Spake)

Just to let people in the Uk know that BBC is showing an update to the much loved airport series next week a 5 part series entitled 'Return to Airport'

now if you don't live in the UK your going to say "who the **** is Jeremy Spake" but he had to be the star of airport which was one of the first fly on the wall shows in the Uk and one of the best showing the lives of the people at London Heathrow Airport as they went about there day

starts monday BBC1 7.30pm
A look back at the popular fly-on-the-tarmac series about what was then the world's biggest airport, London Heathrow. Jeremy Spake and other characters reflect on the TV sensation.

ps was it only me that found the women who worked for the Cyprus Airways hot also i meet the women from Luton Airport TV series who had to sort out the shit when it hit the fan "still hot"

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