Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tron 2 The Movie

Looks like Tron 2 is coming to a screen near you soon as just watching TRS live from Comic-Con San Diego and they got to see a preview of the movie which still stars Jeff Bridges and looks the bogs "B" so can't wait to see this as loved the original movie

So fingers crossed a trailer turns up on YouTube soon as the one below is poor quality

Strange Stuff In My Back Garden

Think theres some Aboriginal people hiding in my back garden as today while picking berry's i found a Boomerang which must be faulty as it didn't return to the person who throw it :)

So for the next few days i'm going to keep a look out to see if anyones hunting my cat lol

Boomerang Aboriginal

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Who Is The Stig

Looks like a photo has come out showing the Stigs eyes which could help in finally solving the mystery of who is the Stig from BBC's Top Gear

Who is the Stig from BBC Top Gear

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Raima Radio Pro Record Internet Radio Stations

If your after software to record internet radio streams which also comes with the bonus of being able to set timers to record shows when your out or just fast a sleep your first and only stop should be Raima Radio Pro as after trying Online Radio Tuner and Screamer Radio which do also come with the ability to set timers (Screamer radio via menu timer add-on) i found that for some reason you can never rely on them to record when you want and after many times coming home only to find them both not having recorded the show i wanted i went looking else where

So one day after spending a few hours on google up came Raima Radio Pro which was a new one to me so "in for a penny in for a pound" i gave it a try as it comes with a 30 day trial

Have to say that when i first used it did look a bit more complicated than the other two but after a few mins i had my favorite radio shows setup LBC, Talk Sport and Vibes FM plus it comes with hundreds of different internet radio shows from around the world already setup and i'm sure you will find a few surprise's from around the world from talk to music which is something i love about radio as theres something for everyone, also included is the option to watch TV from around the world but not had a play with that yet

I must admit that i did have a little problem at first where some of the shows which ran for about 3 hours were being cut off short or showing the wrong time for the recording for some reason but after a post on Raima Radio Pro Forum the person who wrote the software replied to try and fix the problem and after emailing them with a bit more info they said if would be fixed in the next update in a few i sat and waited and true to there word an update came out the other day which is 2.15 and has fixed my little problem which was down to the format which some stations broadcast in

So if you want to listen and record internet radio and have software which you can rely on plus if you do have any problems you can email the person direct and have it fixed in a day or two i would recommend Raima Radio Pro which at the cost of about £18 is a bargain as whats the point of using free software which you can't rely on

Raima Radio Pro Web Site which comes with a 30 day demo

Also RarmaRadio has been updated to version 2.18 so use link above to download

Added: Option to configure colors for Information and Now Playing panels
Added: Option to specify height of Track List
Added: Station logo now resizable
Added: Option to stop cover art download
Added: Language support for Swedish
Changed: 'Recording Only' in scheduling will now activate the sound if selected
Fixed: Internal TV viewer stopped working after name change

Will try and do a guide in the next few days on how to add and record shows in a day or two

Raima Radio Pro Guide Add Your Own Station

Little guide on how to add your own station to Raima Radio Pro which only takes a few clicks

If you find a radio station on the web which you want to add just look for the listen live button on the web site your viewing which in most cases will open up a windows media player (fingers crossed your not running Winamp as it may be different)

And then right click by the media controls (see pic (1) which will open a pop-up and then click properties which will show you the link to the radio show stream (see pic (2)which you just copy Location Address (click all images below for larger picture)

Raima Radio Pro Guide

Now open Raima Radio Pro and click the Add Station button (top left) which will open window like below so then just paste the Location Address from part one into the URL part and add the rest of the info like station name. If you want to add logo the best way to do it is to go to the station and grab an image from there then place on a image host like Tinypic and copy the URL from there and click From URL button, don't worry about info like bitrate and Split Delay down the bottom as there not need for normal use, once your done click ok and your done and Radio Station will show up in favorites

Raima Radio Pro Guide

Raima Radio Pro Guide

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Your Favorite School Trip

Just wondered what everyones favorite school trip was when they were little when you had a bag of cola cubes and got on a coach which after 5 mins felt like it was hotter than the sun plus you always had that kid who was sick at the back like me

Mine had to be the day in secondary school when we went to Bodiam Castle as always love looking around castles and trying to picture the battles that went on outside the walls

Your Favorite School Trip Bodiam Castle

And in the afternoon we went to Hastings which is a historical seaside town and we were let off the leash and we could do what we wanted for the afternoon

Your Favorite School Trip Hastings

Common Garden Frog (Rana temporaria)

Was just about to get the flymo out when i saw something in the grass move which was a little frog

All photos taken with a Fuji FinePix F40 on macro setting

Common Garden Frog (Rana temporaria)

Common Garden Frog (Rana temporaria)

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Read You Like A Book

It's hard to describe this movie as it felt more like a play than a movie as the whole time it never moves from the book shop in which it's set (Black Oak Books).

So here go's like the books which have taken up home on the shelves of the shop, Read You Like A Book tells the story of the people who work and come to spend there day running there eyes over the words held within the covers which never change from one day to another only for one day when a man steps into the shop (Danny Glover) who within his hand has a book for sale.

So as the owner (Tony Amendola) asks the price the man wants for the book he is gone only saying within the cover are more than words........

This is where the day will change forever for each and everyone who only has too touch the cover.

Would i recommend this movie....yes in a way if you like something which is more like a play where you feel that you too have browsed the shelves of Black Oak Books on a late summers day

Thursday, 17 July 2008

AnyDVD (HD) Out 2008 07 16
- New (DVD): Added hooking of the IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID interface for
64-bit applications which use DiscIDs on 64-bit operating systems, e.g.
Windows Vista-64 Media Center, Windows 64-bit Media Player
- Fix: Auto insert notification problem with Daemon Tools under
Windows Vista SP1
- Fix: Uninstall caused other programs using ElbyCDIO (CloneCD, CloneDVD,
Virtual CloneDrive) to stop working under 64-bit operating systems.
- Fix: Some minor problems with UAC under Windows Vista
- Fix (Blu-ray): Fixed bug in region detection, e.g.
"Live Free or Die Hard", US, Region A
- Fix (Blu-ray): Fixed bug in region detection, e.g.
"John Rambo", Germany, Region B
- Fix (Blu-ray & HD DVD): AnyDVD ripper didn't handle zero sized files
correctly, e.g. BD "The Other Boleyn Girl", Region A
- Fix (DVD): AnyDVD ripper did not repair some mastering errors correctly,
e.g., "Rumble in the Bronx", US, Region 1
- Many internal fixes and improvements

AnyDVD (HD) Download

Blackberry Pearl 8110

Hello all i just got my hands on a Blackberry Pearl 8110 for a few hours as mate just got one on T-Mobile and wanted it setup so he could get his Hotmail and Gmail on the move

Blackberry Pearl 8110 T-Mobile Phone

Can't really give a full review of functions and different settings as only had it for a few hours but here gos

First thing is i've never used a blackberry before but was surprised buy it's size being about the same as my Nokia N73 maybe a little smaller plus a lot lighter which for me felt like it would fall apart if anyone farted in the room, it just didn't have the feel of something you could Carry around all day

Also i had a problem with the keyboard as who in there right mind puts a qwerty keyboard on a small mobile device as it took me forever to input any settings but did like the scroll wheel which you use to move around the screen

So once i got round to remembering where the letter were it only took a few mins to setup Hotmail and Gmail of the Blackberry Pearl 8110 which was just a case of entering the email address and passwords and the messages started coming in

But for me it's not something i would rush out and buy as feel my nokia N73 does most things i need to do as i just go online with the phone which has Web&Walk setup to check my email plus i think you can download the Gmail app to have emails come to you just make sure you have a data plan setup to keep the cost down

PS a word of warning don't ever turn the Blackberry off as it takes forever to start up something like 3 or 4 mins :(

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Fighter Pilot Afghanistan ITV4

If you watched warship on C5 this year you many have wondered what happened to the harrier pilots which got a lift on Illustrious (lusty)

Well the other day was watching ITV4 which had a programme on called Fighter Pilot Afghanistan which had a few of the pilots which appeared on WARSHIP so its worth a watch as would think ITV4 will repeat someday soon

Documentary following the pilots of Naval Strike Wing and IV Squadron RAF, during their operations in Afghanistan as they provide close air support for troops on the ground. Featuring in-cockpit footage of the pilots attacking and bombing enemy positions, plus their training in the UK prior to their deployment to Kandahar.

Airport BBC (Jeremy Spake)

Just to let people in the Uk know that BBC is showing an update to the much loved airport series next week a 5 part series entitled 'Return to Airport'

now if you don't live in the UK your going to say "who the **** is Jeremy Spake" but he had to be the star of airport which was one of the first fly on the wall shows in the Uk and one of the best showing the lives of the people at London Heathrow Airport as they went about there day

starts monday BBC1 7.30pm
A look back at the popular fly-on-the-tarmac series about what was then the world's biggest airport, London Heathrow. Jeremy Spake and other characters reflect on the TV sensation.

ps was it only me that found the women who worked for the Cyprus Airways hot also i meet the women from Luton Airport TV series who had to sort out the shit when it hit the fan "still hot"

Saturday, 12 July 2008

How to use ID3-TagIT 3 Guide

How to use ID3-TagIT 3 Guide

You have your mp3's but the info and tags are wrong so with the help of ID3-TagIT 3 you can easily update the mp3 info

One: open up the software and on the left you will see a file tree (folders) so navigate to where you keep your mp3's see below (click any image below for larger image)

How to use ID3-TagIT 3 Guide

Two: once you have found the album you want to do click on it and it will come up in the centre window now left click and highlight all the tracks and press F4 where a new window will pop-up which you then click start search by files give it a few seconds and it will find tag info and click the one thats your album and then click write information which will then show you the info it's going to write and if it's right click ok.

How to use ID3-TagIT 3 Guide

How to use ID3-TagIT 3 Guide

Three: After you have clicked ok it will take you back to the main window with tracks still highlighted so now right click and from the menu click TAG Ver.2 functions then TAG Ver.2 -> Filename which a new window will pop-up (thing i would change in this part is the Format it writes the info to so click K A T B which works for me) and click ok

How to use ID3-TagIT 3 Guide

Four: When that is done click file from top menu and then save and your done

DVD Rebuilder v1.28.2

- Made numerous changes to make DVD-RB more sensitive to
the security environment of Vista.
- Made changes to make DVD-RB more compatible with some
windows emulators.
- Added support for the HC adaptive quantization (*AQ)
function. This setting can improve picture in flat
parts. A default value of "2" is used, but can be
changed by setting "HC_AQ=n" in the "[Options]" area
of REBUILDER.INI. "n" can be any integer value between
0 and 4. "0" disables AQ and "4" results in lower
quants. Note: Keep in mind that due to virtualization
associated with VISTA, your most current INI may be
located in the VISTA VirtualStore. One easy way to
get to it (if you are using VISTA), is to create a
shortcut on your desktop that points to it.
- Added a parameter to the HC SETTINGS menu that enables
and disables LOGGING when encoding with HC encoder. The
log will be written to a file named "HCLOG.TXT" in the
working directory.
- Included HC Encoder v0.23 in the installation packages.
This version includes extended features and bug fixes.
- Added ability to have different 1st and 2nd passes when
using MOBILE encoding (see the MOBILE.INI template under
the AVCHD beta for an example.
- Added a "hidden" option called "ImgBurnDest" that, when
added to REBUILDER.INI will force the write to a specific
drive. This is expecially useful when working on a
computer that has more than one writable drive. As an
example, to force output to the "F:" drive you would add
"ImgBurnDest=F:" to REBUILDER.INI.
- Modified the TEMPLATE commands so they automatically
look in the VirtualStore for templates.
- Corrected "35601" error that could happen (very rarely)
on sources with no audio.
- Added a parameter to the REBUILDER.INI file so that an
alternate AVISYNTH resizing algorithm can be used for
certain functions (e.g. converting from 4:3 widescreen
to 16:9 anamorphic). The default is "LanczosResize".
Example usage: "RESIZE=Spline36Resize" Note: Adding
an incorrectly spelled resize parameter will cause your
encoding to fail.
- Other minor and cosmetic changes.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Cryptographic Wifi Passwords

Cryptographic now theres a word !!!!

Anyone used GRC (Gibson Research Corporation) web site lately as they have added a unique wifi key generator so you can be safe in the knowledge you have a unique key for your wifi and make it that little bit harder for when then piggybackers come piggybacking looking for free wifi

PS GRC is a great site if you want to check your firewall is working ok and not leaking

Gibson Research Corporation Link

The Battle Plans

Had to have a little time off to get a few things done but it's time to get the battle plans in motion and get the ball rolling again against Croydon Council

My LCD Needs a Clean

Had my LCD Tv for about a year now (Samsung) and over that time it's picked up all manner of finger prints :)

So went online looking for some cleaner and after reading a few reviews the Plasma & LCD Screen Cleaner from Phillips (SVC2540/10) gets some good reviews so put my order in which comes with a microfiber screen cloth and special formula screen cleaning gel "always like the special stuff" for about £6.00

Hope to have in a day or two so i can write a little review

Update 11 July 2008

Well it turned up today and just used to clean them stubborn finger prints i have over my LCD TV screen, and within a few sprays of the liquid gel and a few wipes of the cloth they were gone and i have a TV which looks like new

In the box you get a bottle of a gel type liquid which from it's size and the amont you have to spray will last ages plus a microfiber screen cloth

So if you have a LCD or Plasma TV which needs a spring clean i would recommend too everyone and at about £6 it's a bargain

Plasma & LCD TV Screen Cleaner from Phillips (SVC2540/10)

Plasma & LCD TV Screen Cleaner from Phillips (SVC2540/10)

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Note To Self

Making shapes while listening to the The Prodigy on your own is not cool so stop it now!!!!

"Big fish little fish anyone"

New Version Of Spybot Search & Destroy Out 1.6

Looks like a new version of Spybot is out which is 1.6

If your not sure what Spybot does it's a spy-ware remover which also blocks most threat with it's immunize settings so you can be safe as you browses the web with ever IE7 of Firefox

From Spybot site

Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you haven't intentionally installed, if your browser crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been "hijacked" (or changed without your knowledge), your computer is most probably infected with spyware. Even if you don't see the symptoms, your computer may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging. Spybot-S&D is free, so there's no harm giving it a try to see if something has invaded your computer.

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6.0 Download

I would recommend using this software to everyone out there using the web so if you have your anti virus, firewall and spybot you can feel safe knowing your PC not going to get infected

Monday, 7 July 2008

Thunder Clouds Over South London

Looks like a scene from independence day over Croydon as some thunder clouds are just rolling in so we can only hope Will Smith turns up with a giant umbrella to save the day :)

Thunder Clouds Over South London Croydon Finepix F40

Capacitor Noise Asrock P4VM900-SATA2

If like me you own a Asrock P4VM900-SATA2 Socket 478 motherboard for the Intel Pentium 4 CPU from Asrock you may have the problem of capacitor noise which i found out the other week when i updated the CPU from a 2.6 to a 3.2 prescott

I fitted the 3.4 prescott and after putting the case back together i had a noise which sounded like the hard drive was about to fail so after changing the drive and the noise still being there i spent a few hours trying to track the problem down from changing power supply and taking out other cards i had in the computer only to find the sound was coming from the capacitors around the processor which it looks like have a problem with the extra power needed to run the 3.2 prescott

Well after emailing Asrock which were very helpful and replied within a few hours they said the problem is down to the thermal protection on the motherboard, so off i went to look in the bios to find that the bios which comes with the P4VM900-SATA2 has two settings for thermal protection one for the CPU and another for the motherboard which is in advanced settings

So the thing i did was disable the thermal throttling temperature setting for the motherboard but kept the protection for the CPU thermal throttling enabled and the problem of the capacitor noise was gone

Capacitor Noise P4VM900-SATA2 Asrock

Capacitor Noise P4VM900-SATA2 Asrock

Anyway if your looking for a Pentium 4 motherboard which comes with a PCI Express socket it's a great little board which i would recommend as boards for the good old P4 are getting a little hard to find these days which is a shame as theres a few more years life left in the Pentium 4 478

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Visual IT Tube Maps Discount

If you want a discount on tube maps for your mobile phone Visual IT have a discount code just for you


All basic Tube maps are now only $10 (£5.00) and $15 (£7.50) for Pro versions for July.

Been using for a few years now see post Mobile Software Tube 2 London