Monday, 16 June 2008

Super Cooling Your Big Toe

Was just sitting by the fire when i decided to take my shoes and socks off as i'm a bare foot type of guy when i noticed my big toe was a funny colour, it had gone sliver and after thinking how the fudge this could have happened i realized what it was and how it got there

Well i'm not sure if i'm the only bloke who does this but you get up in the morning and you can't be asked to look in the draw for socks when there in front of you on the floor about two foot apart is a matching pair "happy days"

You pick them up and with a quick sniff you feel there fresh, maybe not yesterday fresh but within a few days so off i went about my day happy in the knowledge that i had saved a few mins hunting for a clean pair

So after finding later in the day my big toe was now silver i worked out how long the socks had been there on my bedroom floor which was about two weeks which was when i last fitted a new heatsink as when i was cleaning off the old arctic silver i couldn't be asked to get up and find some rag so as any new man would do you use whatever you have about which was a sock i was wearing at the time

Super cooling your big toe

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