Friday, 6 June 2008

The Price of Safety £15,000

Follow on from Croydon Council Health and Safety

Just had a phone call today saying there not going to do anything about the fencing as they can't add any hight to the fence already there due to the foundations and the cost to replace is in the region of £15,000 and due to the Croydon Council budget the don't have the money to spend

Well i'm not someone who knows anything about council budgets and what they have to spend each year but to me £15,000 isn't a lot from a budget which must be in the millions plus i'm sure the financial year starts in April so the council purse must be pretty full right now

So it looks like the price of peoples safety is £15,000 which if someone gets hurt (fingers crossed know one does)i'm sure will be more than double that amount when there sued and i have to take them to court which i will do to protect the safety of my family and friends

Update 13 June 2008

My head must have been in the sand as only just found out that Croydon Council want to knock down Taberner House and build new offices on the land so wondered where does the money come from to do the job as surely it shouldn't come out of the tax payers money which should be spent on things which the people of croydon need or do we have to go without for a few years to pay for the construction

So i can now see why the Council don't have £15,000 as someone needs a new desk :(

It would be a shame to see the building go as we don't have many landmarks in croydon other than the 50p building by east croydon train station and the chimneys over by Ikea which were part of the old power station


Ikea Croydon power station

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