Saturday, 14 June 2008

Patrick Norton Systm dodge rad mod

Anyone see this weeks episode of Revision3 systm where patrick norton used a radiator from a car to cool his system

Patrick Norton Systm Dodge radiator mod

A few weeks a go he fitted a normal all in one water cooling block which worked ok then this week he did a mod to see if the temperature would drop if he used a car radiator which after testing only dropped the temp by a few degrees which i think he was surprised that the drop in temp was so little

Well if you watched the show i'm sure he still used the same pump which came with the all in one water block so i'm sure i'm right in thinking that theres no way a little pump could push enough water around a car rad to help in anyway

Aquagate water cooling mini R80 R120

Watch full Episode 54 - Super Cooling Your PC

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