Monday, 2 June 2008

Government Ombudsman Level 3

Follow on from Croydon Council Health and Safety

Well after taken some advice today I was told you can get in touch with the Government Ombudsman which will deal with matters concerning your local council if you don't feel they have been dealt with in a manner you feel has rectified the problem you may be having

So off I went with phone number in hand and gave them a bell only to be asked do I have a level 3 ! well being a normal working class person I didn't have a clue what they were on about but luckely they explained the procedure which needed to be undertaken to get a level 3 which isn't popping down the local arcade and placing 10p into Pac-man “which is a shame” as it would be far easier

Well guess what I ended back having to phone Taberner House which has a complainants department which you have to get a info pack which sets out the procedure which needs to be undertaken plus a few forms which need to be filled “Yes Level 1”

So after the last few years which has seen my mother and neighbours sending countless letters and emails to the council and are local Members of Parliament it seems it's like going back to square one

So could anyone throw me a float as it looks like the Government Ombudsman has just topped up the treacle filled swimming pool i'm swimming in dealing with my local council

PS The women who I spoke to on the phone from the complainants department I'd like to thank for explaining what needed to be done and was so much help and put my faith back into some of the people who work at Taberner House

So when I setup the United Democratic People's Front of Croydon you have got a job as it was a pleasure speaking to you

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