Sunday, 15 June 2008

ASXGui X264 encoder

Theres a new kid on the block ASXGui which is a all in one X264 video encoder GUI written by morphinapg

Current Features:
Output to MKV or MP4
Import any type of video file
Import a separate audio source
Drag and Drop Source Files
Ability to remux audio instead of recompressing.
Automatic Resize based on bitrate
Automatic Bitrate based on resolution
Overrideable Aspect Ratio
Maximum Resolution (default maximum is original resolution adjusted for Aspect Ratio)
Custom Bitrate and Resolution
Ability to change Frame Rate
Deinterlacing/Inverse Telecine (Click deinterlace and change FPS to 23.976)
Ability to encode in ether 1 or 2 pass
Ability to encode Lossless (1 pass, target Quantizer 0)
Auto crop off black bars
Custom audio bitrate
Save settings as Default or Custom profiles
Ability to enforce x264 profiles
Ability to set a maximum automatic bitrate
Custom crop
Advanced x264 Options
Job Queue
Ability to downmix Audio to stereo
Select from multiple tracks in vob/mpg files

Will test for a few days as it has a nice clean and simple interface which i always like plus it comes with the one option i always look for custom output file size

Download ASXGui X264 Encoder

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