Monday, 30 June 2008

Isle of Wight The Cliffs Have Eyes

My sis was over at the isle of wight the other week when she took this photo at Alum Bay but only when she got home did she see something strange within the cliff (The isle of wight is an island which sits out in the english channel just off the coast

Isle of Wight The Cliffs Have Eyes Alum Bay

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Totally Rad Show London

This episode 29 of The Totally Rad Show just cracks me up when they visited London and learn how to become British by having afternoon tea :)

And have pigeon for dinner which all us brits do for dinner lol

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

BBC iPlayer 2.0 Coming Soon

Looks like theres a new version of BBC iPlayer coming soon which will be 2.0 and adds a new combined TV and Radio in the same iPlayer interface, which means that you when you go to, say, Comedy, you'll find your favourite TV and radio comedy programmes all in the same page

BBC iPlayer 2.0 New Version Coming Soon

Also looks like BBC tv and radio is going to turn up on itunes so you can have on your ipod or apple iphone

More info from the BBC iPlayer Blog here

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Monday, 16 June 2008

Super Cooling Your Big Toe

Was just sitting by the fire when i decided to take my shoes and socks off as i'm a bare foot type of guy when i noticed my big toe was a funny colour, it had gone sliver and after thinking how the fudge this could have happened i realized what it was and how it got there

Well i'm not sure if i'm the only bloke who does this but you get up in the morning and you can't be asked to look in the draw for socks when there in front of you on the floor about two foot apart is a matching pair "happy days"

You pick them up and with a quick sniff you feel there fresh, maybe not yesterday fresh but within a few days so off i went about my day happy in the knowledge that i had saved a few mins hunting for a clean pair

So after finding later in the day my big toe was now silver i worked out how long the socks had been there on my bedroom floor which was about two weeks which was when i last fitted a new heatsink as when i was cleaning off the old arctic silver i couldn't be asked to get up and find some rag so as any new man would do you use whatever you have about which was a sock i was wearing at the time

Super cooling your big toe

Sunday, 15 June 2008

ASXGui X264 encoder

Theres a new kid on the block ASXGui which is a all in one X264 video encoder GUI written by morphinapg

Current Features:
Output to MKV or MP4
Import any type of video file
Import a separate audio source
Drag and Drop Source Files
Ability to remux audio instead of recompressing.
Automatic Resize based on bitrate
Automatic Bitrate based on resolution
Overrideable Aspect Ratio
Maximum Resolution (default maximum is original resolution adjusted for Aspect Ratio)
Custom Bitrate and Resolution
Ability to change Frame Rate
Deinterlacing/Inverse Telecine (Click deinterlace and change FPS to 23.976)
Ability to encode in ether 1 or 2 pass
Ability to encode Lossless (1 pass, target Quantizer 0)
Auto crop off black bars
Custom audio bitrate
Save settings as Default or Custom profiles
Ability to enforce x264 profiles
Ability to set a maximum automatic bitrate
Custom crop
Advanced x264 Options
Job Queue
Ability to downmix Audio to stereo
Select from multiple tracks in vob/mpg files

Will test for a few days as it has a nice clean and simple interface which i always like plus it comes with the one option i always look for custom output file size

Download ASXGui X264 Encoder

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Patrick Norton Systm dodge rad mod

Anyone see this weeks episode of Revision3 systm where patrick norton used a radiator from a car to cool his system

Patrick Norton Systm Dodge radiator mod

A few weeks a go he fitted a normal all in one water cooling block which worked ok then this week he did a mod to see if the temperature would drop if he used a car radiator which after testing only dropped the temp by a few degrees which i think he was surprised that the drop in temp was so little

Well if you watched the show i'm sure he still used the same pump which came with the all in one water block so i'm sure i'm right in thinking that theres no way a little pump could push enough water around a car rad to help in anyway

Aquagate water cooling mini R80 R120

Watch full Episode 54 - Super Cooling Your PC

Friday, 13 June 2008

Top Gear New Series 2008

Make a space in your sunday as the new series of top gear is coming in a few weeks

Friday, 6 June 2008

Taberner House 5 a Side Football Competition

Maybe the Taberner House 5 a Side Football Competition may have to get the go ahead to put the point across as what it's like to deal with the problem each and every day ????

Which will be held guess where ?????? "Yes in Taberner House"

The Price of Safety £15,000

Follow on from Croydon Council Health and Safety

Just had a phone call today saying there not going to do anything about the fencing as they can't add any hight to the fence already there due to the foundations and the cost to replace is in the region of £15,000 and due to the Croydon Council budget the don't have the money to spend

Well i'm not someone who knows anything about council budgets and what they have to spend each year but to me £15,000 isn't a lot from a budget which must be in the millions plus i'm sure the financial year starts in April so the council purse must be pretty full right now

So it looks like the price of peoples safety is £15,000 which if someone gets hurt (fingers crossed know one does)i'm sure will be more than double that amount when there sued and i have to take them to court which i will do to protect the safety of my family and friends

Update 13 June 2008

My head must have been in the sand as only just found out that Croydon Council want to knock down Taberner House and build new offices on the land so wondered where does the money come from to do the job as surely it shouldn't come out of the tax payers money which should be spent on things which the people of croydon need or do we have to go without for a few years to pay for the construction

So i can now see why the Council don't have £15,000 as someone needs a new desk :(

It would be a shame to see the building go as we don't have many landmarks in croydon other than the 50p building by east croydon train station and the chimneys over by Ikea which were part of the old power station


Ikea Croydon power station

Monday, 2 June 2008

Government Ombudsman Level 3

Follow on from Croydon Council Health and Safety

Well after taken some advice today I was told you can get in touch with the Government Ombudsman which will deal with matters concerning your local council if you don't feel they have been dealt with in a manner you feel has rectified the problem you may be having

So off I went with phone number in hand and gave them a bell only to be asked do I have a level 3 ! well being a normal working class person I didn't have a clue what they were on about but luckely they explained the procedure which needed to be undertaken to get a level 3 which isn't popping down the local arcade and placing 10p into Pac-man “which is a shame” as it would be far easier

Well guess what I ended back having to phone Taberner House which has a complainants department which you have to get a info pack which sets out the procedure which needs to be undertaken plus a few forms which need to be filled “Yes Level 1”

So after the last few years which has seen my mother and neighbours sending countless letters and emails to the council and are local Members of Parliament it seems it's like going back to square one

So could anyone throw me a float as it looks like the Government Ombudsman has just topped up the treacle filled swimming pool i'm swimming in dealing with my local council

PS The women who I spoke to on the phone from the complainants department I'd like to thank for explaining what needed to be done and was so much help and put my faith back into some of the people who work at Taberner House

So when I setup the United Democratic People's Front of Croydon you have got a job as it was a pleasure speaking to you