Sunday, 25 May 2008

Emma Wiggins Croydon Council

Well its a sad day when my other site may come to an early end The Vegetable Patch

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Well i'm sorry to say the vegetable patch maybe a no go as we back onto a park in croydon and have a problem with footballs coming over into the garden as the fence the council put up is not higher enough so most weeks even days footballs come over and destroy the veg i planted, and after getting in contact with Emma Wiggins director of environment, cultural & public protection of croydon council who in her words said there not going to do anything about the problem as it's good enough for them i may have to put the vegetable patch on hold which is a shame when your trying to do your bit for the environment and grow your own

So if you would like to support me in this matter please write or phone Emma Wiggins and tell her what you think of Croydon Council who will not do anything about this problem

Emma Wiggins director of environment, cultural & public protection
10th Floor, Taberner House
Park Lane

Email Emma Wiggins

020 8726 6000

Update 29 may 2008

I've just had Emma Wiggins on the phone which i so wanted to go into one but that never gets you anywhere

Well she phone to say that she has been in contact with the department of planing who have said they a have looked into the matter but don't feel anything needs doing and that the undertaking of changing the fence is not needed but she did say that she will retake this matter back to them

Anyway like to thank Emma Wiggins for phoning and i can only hope this matter gets sort so i can get back on with my life

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