Monday, 26 May 2008

Croydon Council Caught Fly Tipping

Yes strange this when councils around the land are giving people fines for little misdemeanor's like putting there bins out to early and other stupid things

So it looks like Croydon have double standards when it comes to the rules they follow

So the story of Croydon Council Caught Fly Tipping as you can see from the pics below the council have cut down a small tree on there land and for some strange reason they have been thrown over the fence onto private property which in anyones world is fly tipping

So if anyone from the council would like to explain why they have started dumping rubbish onto private land please leave a reply as i can't wait to hear it

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Anonymous said...

Very interested in story. Please contact me on 020 8330 9556.
Peter Truman
Chief Reporter
Croydon Guardian.