Sunday, 17 February 2008

DVD2one V2.1.4

The daddy of easy DVD backup is out with a new version V2.1.4

DVD2one V2.1.4

We released another update of DVD2one with the following features:

PC: Fixed priority setting.
PC: Added manifest for XP controls.
PC burnengine: Added disk insert notification disabling and support for +R DL.
Mac: Fixed handling of burn -6 error.
Remember burnimage path for 'Burn DVD-image' menu option.
Remember drivename in case there are more than 1 writers.
Changed way empty cells are automatically removed from cell list in movie-only mode.
Added full disc scan for full disc mode. This might help when the output size is too big or too small.
Added Polish language (thanks to Maciej Bojakowski).
Removed hostname lookup from startup to avoid possible delay (thanks to Jim Hoyt for the tip!).

DVD2one V2.1.4 Download

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