Thursday, 14 February 2008

DVD ReBuilder v1.27.0 Out

New version of DVD ReBuilder just out

- Fixed an error in which the path for NicMp4Box.exe was not
being automatically detected.
- Updated routines so that when DVD-RB is running multiple
instances of HC Encoder the "*NOSMP" setting is used. This
has been tested to show faster processing on DVD-RB -- as
it already takes advantage of multiple processors.
- Update the HC interface so it specifically indicates whether
a file should be encoded as "*PROGRESSIVE or "*INTERLACED".
- Modified the REDISTRIBUTION and OPV prediction code for HC
Encoder. It should now take fewer passes for prediction in
most cases.
- Added a check for illegal characters in VOLUME_ID. This
condition could cause a failure to create an ISO image.
- Updated the "Close DVD-RB at batch completion" function so
it "sticks" between runs. Now the setting remains in
effect until reset.
- Wrote code to circumvent a source of "Runtime Error 52"
errors during the file copy section or "Buffer Overflow 0003"
in the REBUILD phase on certain types of corrupt sources.
- Made handling of certain sources that fall outside standards
more robust.
- Updated D2V creation routines to assume BT.601 colorimetry
where no SEQUENCE_DISPLAY_EXTENSION is present. Added a
"hidden" option called "BT601_DEFAULT=0" to the "[Options]"
area of REBUILDER.INI. This option can make DVD-RB assume
all unspecified streams to be BT.709 instead. This is
mainly for non-DVD sources. The default value is "1"
(BT.601 is the assumption).
- Added an additional filter prefix. When prefixed by "b:" a
filter is added only when the source colorimetry is BT.709
(including SMPTE 240M). This enables cases where you wish
the output to be converted, for example to BT.601. This
option is similar to "c:" but has an opposite effect.
- Corrected an error in which One Pass Encoding could, under
certain rare circumstances, select an incorrect Q/CQ value
and as a result over or undersize.
- Corrected an issue that could slow processing considerably
when a combination of encoding and extracting is occurring.
- Cleaned up a cosmetic glitch in which sometimes the "Overall
Progress" bar didn't correctly show status during ENCODE.
- Fixed an error in which Final_Q could not be calculated with
QuEnc or a command line encoder (that supports CQ).
- Improved the interface for CMDLINE encoding -- now the CQ is
passed as a floating point variable for more accurate sizing
during one-pass and REDISTRIBUTION.
- Modified the default values for PFactor and BFactor when
running HC Encoder in One Pass CQ mode.
- Improved the CMDLINE encoder interface so that it now also
passes "Closed GOP" (for ILVU) and "Bottom Field First"
(for interlaced encoding) information to the encoder.
- Made some small changes to the QuEnc interface to restore
FreeEnc compatibility.
- Added multiple threading capability to the MOBILE encoding
command line. This will speed up processing substantially
for those with multiple processors (e.g. dual/quad cores).
- Added additional checks to for encoders. Prevents encoders
from being enabled when they don't really exist.
- Other minor and cosmetic changes.

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