Wednesday, 9 January 2008

StaxRip Out

Just seen on the StaxRip website that a new version is out
If your not sure what SatxRip is it's software to convert AVI's to x264 which will give you better quality than xvid or divx


Great thing about StaxRip it's so easy to use for knobs like me plus if your a bit more up with tinkering with settings there all there for you to play with so you get the best of both worlds plus it's free :) (2008-01-06)
StaxRip is now distributed with a installer checking if .NET framework 3.5 is installed. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to make the auto updater of the old version beware of setup versions so the first setup version has to be downloaded manually
The following external applications were updated: NeroAACEnc, DGMPEGDEC, DivX, MP4Box, XviD, x264, VirtualDub, MKVtoolnix. Furthermore more applications are hosted by myself since my webspace now has unlimited traffic
A bug was fixed causing a crash using the 'Edit' feature in the profiles dialog
A bug was fixed regarding the setup, settings location, local and roaming application data directory
A bug was fixed with the turkish and maybe other locales causing a crash while encoding
A bug was fixed causing StaxRip to auto resize the image size even when this feature was disabled
A bug was fixed not allowing to define the escape key as shortcut in the menu editor
The 'Deblock' filter of DGIndex was added to the profile defaults
On a crash StaxRip now saves the active project silently instead of showing a dialog asking to save which had a recursion issue. On next startup the crashed project gets loaded automatically

StaxRip Download

Just a few of my templates below which i use most of the time which are just standard settings for exact file size from 100 to 300 MB just place in the StaxRip templates folder
X264 CE BaseLine / MP4
Audio Nero AAC HE VBR 50-70 kpb's

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