Saturday, 5 January 2008

Lets Play Darts Lakeside 2008

Always great for sport when the new year comes round as the World Professional Darts from the Lakeside starts
So i'm going to be sat in front of the TV with a beer and cig and enjoy 10 days of the best darts players in the world

If i was a betting man i would put my money on DARRYL FITTON this year to win and be crowned the darts champion

Ps just wish it was like the old day of darts when the players could have a beer and cig as they played :)

Live darts feed from BBC (links only work during coverage times plus many not work with some ISP providers)
350kbps stream
1.5Mbps stream

Also live web stream via silver light streaming
Stream Link

Saturday 5 January First round

Niels de Ruiter 1-3 Glenn Moody
Mark Webster 3-1 Ian Jones
Darryl Fitton 3-1 Davy Richardson
Gary Robson 3-1 Tony David
John Walton 0-3 Robert Thornton
Tony O'Shea 3-2 Steve Farmer

Sunday 6 January First round

Edwin Max 0-3 Simon Whitlock
Shaun Greatbatch 1-3 Martin Phillips
Gary Anderson 2-3 Fabian Roosenbrand
Martin Atkins 2-3 Andy Boulton
Martin Adams 3-0 Phill Nixon
Scott Waites 3-1 Mike Veitch

Monday 7 January First round

Co Stompe 3-0 Carl Mercer
Ted Hankey 3-2 Steve West
Brian Woods 3-0 Paul Hanvidge
Mario Robbe 1-3 Remco Van Eijden

Tuesday 8 January second round

Darryl Fitton 4-0 Gary Robson
Martin Phillips 0-4 Martin Adams
Robert Thornton 4-2 Tony O'Shea
Glenn Moody 1-4 Mark Webster

Wednesday 9 January second round

Simon Whitlock 4-1 Fabian Roosenbrand
Andy Boulton 1-4 Ted Hankey
Brian Woods 4-2 Co Stompe
Remco Van Eijden 2-4 Scott Waites

Thursday 10 January Quarter Finals

Robert Thornton 4-5 Martin Adams
Simon Whitlock 5-0 Ted Hankey

Friday 11 January Quarter Finals

Mark Webster 5-1 Darryl Fitton
Brian Woods 5-3 Scott Waites

Saturday Semi Finals Times BBC1 1430 BBC2 1630

Mark Webster vs Martin Adams
Mark Webster 6-4 Martin Adams Final Score

Simon Whitlock vs Brian Woods
Simon Whitlock 6-3 Brian Woods Final Score


Men's final 1755 BBC2

Mark Webster vs Simon Whitlock
Mark Webster 7-5 Simon Whitlock Final Score

Mark Webster wins the Lakeside BDO Championship 2008

Mark Webster wins the Lakeside BDO Championship 2008

Mark Webster vs Simon Whitlock last set

Lakeside BDO Championship 2008 Best Checkouts and Highlights


Anonymous said...

Been some good games so far with some of the big names out all ready

Eyerex said...

Just found a live web stream which will show the darts via the web site it located on

You have to install the silver light streaming software for it to work

Eyerex said...

The link is in the main post Lets Play Darts Lakeside 2008 above

boyward said...


What a hero. Shame he's out now.

Eyerex said...

Co Stompe gets a 170 check out

Shame to see moody go as he was so entertaining
think they both got the wobbles last night trying for the doubles

Eyerex said...

PS who's the women in orange who is at all the dart games as she looks a bit mad lol

Eyerex said...

Hankey going down like the titanic plus the crowd are getting on his back

Eyerex said...

Mark Webster v Darryl Fitton just started

Eyerex said...

Brian Woods 0-0 Scott Waites just starting

Eyerex said...

Final about to start so for the last time this year

"Lets play darts"