Saturday, 5 January 2008

DVD ReBuilder v1.26.6 Out

New version of DVD ReBuilder just out


Corrected a bug in which the MPEG2DEC_OPTS parameters were not being applied during Q analysis. This could, in some cases, result in an error.

Added code to MOBILE encoding to prevent identical PGCs from being reencoded redundantly (duplicates).

Added more granularity to the matrix selections. Now you can choose matrices for High (4000Kbs), MedHigh (3500),Med (3000) in addition to those already selectable.

Corrected an error in which having CCE SP2 installed by itself did not activate the "CCE Mode" under the ENCODERS menu.

Fixed an error in which loading a project file would not reset the "HC_FOR_REDIST" flag.

Fixed a bug in which the OPV subroutine could cause a size error caused by an incorrect maximum bitrate. This could also cause anomalies in REDISTRIBUTION passes.

Added code to adjust for an issue in which audio sync could be off for MOBILE encoding for some oddly formatted discs.

Changed the MOBILE settings so that any specified bitrate less than 50 is considered a Q value rather than 31 (for ompatibility with H264 Q values). Illegal values on codecs that accept no more than 31 are automatically limited.

Added NicMP3Box.exe to the full (MOBILE) installer package.This allows DVD-RB to create H264 files (using FFMPEG) in the MOBILE encoding mode that are compatible with the IPOD.NicMP3Box is called automatically when the IPOD_H264 codec is selected.

Added two new profiles to the MOBILE.INI file. These allow you to take advantage of the H264 (high quality) format when creating output for the IPOD. Say "yes" to overwriting your MOBILE.INI file in order to see the new profiles.

Updated the installation package to include HC Encoder v0.22 which includes severa improvements over previous versions.

Updated the installer to include ECLPRO v1.11.

Other minor and cosmetic changes.

DVD ReBuilder

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