Thursday, 31 January 2008

Airbus A380 Virtual Cockpit

Just found a great site which lets you take a virtual 360 view of the Airbus A380 cockpit so you can have a look around

Airbus A380 Virtual Cockpit

Airbus A380 Virtual Cockpit

Airbus A380 Virtual Cockpit Link

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Why I Got Fired!

For the Annual Company Picnic management had decided
that because of liability issues we could have alcohol,
but only one drink per person...

I was fired for ordering the cups.

Thursday, 24 January 2008


Been a good few hours hours for updates as we had Clone DVD earlier and now AnyDVD has been updated to version

AnyDVD History 2008 01 23
New: Added "Create Logfile" menu, removed "enable logging" from settings
New: Autoplay is no longer triggered, if settings are changed or AnyDVD is
disabled / enabled.
New (DVD): Added hooking of the IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID interface. All 32-bit
applications which use DiscIDs will retrieve the correct DiscID, even if
AnyDVD is running (e.g., Windows MCE 2005, Windows Media Player, Invelos
DVD Profiler, MyMovies, etc.)
Note: This feature might not work correctly with X-Protect or other heavily
corrupted discs. Blame the manufacturer of the disc....
This feature is currently only supported for 32-bit applications.
New (DVD): AI Scanner has now different settings, "Disabled", Automatic" or
New (DVD): Added support for new protection, e.g., "Saw IV", R1, US
New (DVD): Added support for new protection, e.g., "Mr. Woodcock", R1, US
New (DVD): Added support for new copy protection, e.g. "Paheli", R2,
New (DVD): Added support for new copy protection, e.g. "Whisper", R2,
New (DVD): Added support for new copy protection found on some adult
titles to the AnyDVD ripper
New (DVD): Improved performance of the AI scanner.
Fix (DVD): Problems with "Shoot 'Em Up", R1, US
Fix (DVD): AnyDVD ripper removed parts of the Audio Test of
"Ratatouille", R1, US.
Fix (DVD): AI Scanner missed one chapter of the full frame version on
"Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)", R1, US
Fix (DVD): IFOTitles 2 error with some Macrovision RipGuard protected
titles, e.g. "Funny Factory with Mickey - Volume 1", R1, US
Some minor fixes and improvements
Updated languages

AnyDVD Download

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

Been playing this game for most of the day and i'm f***** my arms feel like there going to fall off
If you think 100m run is bad wait till you get to the 400m relay it's a killer

Video of me doing the circuit beginner class

elby CloneDVD 2 Version

New version of elby CloneDVD 2 out which is now 2008 01 20

New: Improved layer break handling
Fix: "Clone 0" error with some discs
Fix: If a PGC contained multiple programs per chapter, parts of the PGC were blanked.
Fix: In rare situations Audio and Subtitle streams were not copied, if "Enable auto-selection for removed streams" was enabled
Some minor changes and improvements

CloneDVD 2 Download

The real reason why The BA 777 Landed Short Of The Runway

BA 777 Landed Short Of The Runway

Monday, 21 January 2008

Ezbuilder DsLite Video Encoder

After using BatchDPG for all my Ds video encodes i've just found a new tool for the job which is called Ezbuilder which is even easier than BatchDPG
Unlike BatchDPG it doesn't have a GUI (graphical user interface) which is no big deal as using Ezbuilder is just a case of copying the video file you want converting to the MediaFile folder and clicking the Ezbuilder.exe then as shown in pic's below you get options for normal or full-screen play back

PS This software will also convert video to play on ipod and sony psp

Ezbuilder DsLite

Ezbuilder DsLite

Ezbuilder DsLite

Ezbuilder Link Plus Download

Sunday, 20 January 2008

My Compilation Albums

Was busy on itunes getting some tracks and was thinking of knocking up some of my own Compilations so fire up itunes download the tracks below go to auto trader website and buy a Mk2 Escort and enjoy
find below track listings of my itune albums

Pure Soul Riding in the Mk 2

1) McCampbell Brothers - Roses Are Red
2) The Whispers - Rock Steady
3) Midnight Star - Midas Touch
4) Colonel Abrams - Trapped (12" Version
5) Gap Band - Big Fun
6) Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - i wonder if i take you home
7) Shannon - Let the Music Play
8) Pebbles - Girlfriend
9) Total Contrast - Takes A Little Time - Total Co
10) Al B. Sure - Nite & Day
11) Jodeci - Stay
12) Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain
13) Master P - Let's Ride
14) Zapp and Roger - Computer Love
15) Guy - Let's Chill
16) Al B. Sure!/Barry White/El DeB - The Secret Garden

Best of Frou Frou and Imogen Heap

1) Frou Frou - Let Go
2) Frou Frou - Shh
3) Imogen Heap - Goodnight And Go
4) Imogen Heap - Clear The Area
5) Blue October feat. Imogen Heap - Congratulations
6) Frou Frou - Breathe In
7) Frou Frou - Must Be Dreaming
8) Frou Frou - Psychobabble
9) Frou Frou - Hear Me Out
10) Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars
11) Imogen Heap - Headlock
12) Urban Species feat. Imogen Hea - Blanket
13) Imogen Heap - Have You Got It In You?
14) Imogen Heap - Loose Ends
15) Imogen Heap - The Walk
16) Imogen Heap - Just For Now
17) Imogen Heap - Closing In
18) Imogen Heap - Come Here Boy

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Topfield 5800PVR Digital TV Recorder

Anyone out there have the Topfield 5800PVR Digital TV Recorder as fancy getting one as the spec for this recorder looks the "Dogs bollocks"

Topfield 5800PVR Digital TV Recorder

The Topfield TF5800PVR (or "Toppy" as it is affectionately known) is a uniquely specified Freeview PVR. The Toppy's devastating flexibility enables you to watch and record a combination of up to FOUR channels at once, to output two different programmes (including recordings and live transmissions) simultaneously via its RF outputs and scart socket, to record/pause/rewind/fast-forward live television and to edit recordings on the hard disk for later playback or output to your PC.
Further, the TF5800 allows user-developed application programmes - or "TAPs" - to be added via USB2, increasing features and functionality beyond the already impressive array on offer, enabling limitless software control possibilities. Yet, with all that functionality, it is a sprightly performer - channels change in under a second, bringing an end to frustratingly slow Freeview surfing.

Topfield Link

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

BatchDPG DsLite

If you want to make movies to place on your DsLite they have to be converted to a Ds movie format thats where BatchDPG comes in

BatchDPG DsLite

It's pretty easy to use which is just a case of browsing for the Avi file and clicking convert as i only ever use the standard setting which for me always come out ok
But if you want to tweak a little theres plenty of settings to play with

BatchDPG 1.3 beta 4.5 Download

R4ds Revolution Kernel Update

Looks like theres a new kernel out for the R4ds which takes it up to v1.18 (Solved 2203, 2219, 2240, 2250 problem)

If your not sure what the R4ds Revolution is it's so you can run homebrew apps on your DsLite so you can play mp3's, movies plus other things

New update

Update R4 v1.18 kernel 2008-4-24
Solved 2203, 2219, 2240, 2250 problem

Revolution Kernel Update 1.18 Download Link

Friday, 11 January 2008

The Eyerex Widget

Just made a new widget of my Blogs Rss feed which is done via WidgetBox

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

StaxRip Out

Just seen on the StaxRip website that a new version is out
If your not sure what SatxRip is it's software to convert AVI's to x264 which will give you better quality than xvid or divx


Great thing about StaxRip it's so easy to use for knobs like me plus if your a bit more up with tinkering with settings there all there for you to play with so you get the best of both worlds plus it's free :) (2008-01-06)
StaxRip is now distributed with a installer checking if .NET framework 3.5 is installed. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to make the auto updater of the old version beware of setup versions so the first setup version has to be downloaded manually
The following external applications were updated: NeroAACEnc, DGMPEGDEC, DivX, MP4Box, XviD, x264, VirtualDub, MKVtoolnix. Furthermore more applications are hosted by myself since my webspace now has unlimited traffic
A bug was fixed causing a crash using the 'Edit' feature in the profiles dialog
A bug was fixed regarding the setup, settings location, local and roaming application data directory
A bug was fixed with the turkish and maybe other locales causing a crash while encoding
A bug was fixed causing StaxRip to auto resize the image size even when this feature was disabled
A bug was fixed not allowing to define the escape key as shortcut in the menu editor
The 'Deblock' filter of DGIndex was added to the profile defaults
On a crash StaxRip now saves the active project silently instead of showing a dialog asking to save which had a recursion issue. On next startup the crashed project gets loaded automatically

StaxRip Download

Just a few of my templates below which i use most of the time which are just standard settings for exact file size from 100 to 300 MB just place in the StaxRip templates folder
X264 CE BaseLine / MP4
Audio Nero AAC HE VBR 50-70 kpb's

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Screamer Radio

If you want to record a Internet radio stations look no further than Screamer radio as it the best bit of software out there for the job
Not sure how it works but unlike other software it records direct from the stream not whats coming out of your sound card so you can do other things with your PC at the same time like play other music without the Internet radio station recording becoming corrupted via the other music or even sounds playing on the PC

Also best of all it's free so find link below for download plus extra bit of software which is a little add-on called Screamer Menu so you can setup timers for your recordings

Screamer radio

Screamer radio menu timer add-on

Monday, 7 January 2008


Only just heard about eBoostr software which clams to work in the same way as vista ReadyBoost but is for Windows XP so if you have some flash memory about ie a pen drive you too can have the benefits of faster performance which boosts the windows cache

From eBoostr site

eBoostr™ allows you to use an additional drive (flash memory or hard disk) as another layer of performance-boosting cache for your Windows XP®. There is no need to purchase a Vista upgrade to get the benefits of the Vista’s ReadyBoost® technology. With the newly developed eBoostr™, the booting of your OS and applications startup get much faster thanks to the smart caching mechanism.

eBoostr Link

Saturday, 5 January 2008

DVD ReBuilder v1.26.6 Out

New version of DVD ReBuilder just out


Corrected a bug in which the MPEG2DEC_OPTS parameters were not being applied during Q analysis. This could, in some cases, result in an error.

Added code to MOBILE encoding to prevent identical PGCs from being reencoded redundantly (duplicates).

Added more granularity to the matrix selections. Now you can choose matrices for High (4000Kbs), MedHigh (3500),Med (3000) in addition to those already selectable.

Corrected an error in which having CCE SP2 installed by itself did not activate the "CCE Mode" under the ENCODERS menu.

Fixed an error in which loading a project file would not reset the "HC_FOR_REDIST" flag.

Fixed a bug in which the OPV subroutine could cause a size error caused by an incorrect maximum bitrate. This could also cause anomalies in REDISTRIBUTION passes.

Added code to adjust for an issue in which audio sync could be off for MOBILE encoding for some oddly formatted discs.

Changed the MOBILE settings so that any specified bitrate less than 50 is considered a Q value rather than 31 (for ompatibility with H264 Q values). Illegal values on codecs that accept no more than 31 are automatically limited.

Added NicMP3Box.exe to the full (MOBILE) installer package.This allows DVD-RB to create H264 files (using FFMPEG) in the MOBILE encoding mode that are compatible with the IPOD.NicMP3Box is called automatically when the IPOD_H264 codec is selected.

Added two new profiles to the MOBILE.INI file. These allow you to take advantage of the H264 (high quality) format when creating output for the IPOD. Say "yes" to overwriting your MOBILE.INI file in order to see the new profiles.

Updated the installation package to include HC Encoder v0.22 which includes severa improvements over previous versions.

Updated the installer to include ECLPRO v1.11.

Other minor and cosmetic changes.

DVD ReBuilder

Lets Play Darts Lakeside 2008

Always great for sport when the new year comes round as the World Professional Darts from the Lakeside starts
So i'm going to be sat in front of the TV with a beer and cig and enjoy 10 days of the best darts players in the world

If i was a betting man i would put my money on DARRYL FITTON this year to win and be crowned the darts champion

Ps just wish it was like the old day of darts when the players could have a beer and cig as they played :)

Live darts feed from BBC (links only work during coverage times plus many not work with some ISP providers)
350kbps stream
1.5Mbps stream

Also live web stream via silver light streaming
Stream Link

Saturday 5 January First round

Niels de Ruiter 1-3 Glenn Moody
Mark Webster 3-1 Ian Jones
Darryl Fitton 3-1 Davy Richardson
Gary Robson 3-1 Tony David
John Walton 0-3 Robert Thornton
Tony O'Shea 3-2 Steve Farmer

Sunday 6 January First round

Edwin Max 0-3 Simon Whitlock
Shaun Greatbatch 1-3 Martin Phillips
Gary Anderson 2-3 Fabian Roosenbrand
Martin Atkins 2-3 Andy Boulton
Martin Adams 3-0 Phill Nixon
Scott Waites 3-1 Mike Veitch

Monday 7 January First round

Co Stompe 3-0 Carl Mercer
Ted Hankey 3-2 Steve West
Brian Woods 3-0 Paul Hanvidge
Mario Robbe 1-3 Remco Van Eijden

Tuesday 8 January second round

Darryl Fitton 4-0 Gary Robson
Martin Phillips 0-4 Martin Adams
Robert Thornton 4-2 Tony O'Shea
Glenn Moody 1-4 Mark Webster

Wednesday 9 January second round

Simon Whitlock 4-1 Fabian Roosenbrand
Andy Boulton 1-4 Ted Hankey
Brian Woods 4-2 Co Stompe
Remco Van Eijden 2-4 Scott Waites

Thursday 10 January Quarter Finals

Robert Thornton 4-5 Martin Adams
Simon Whitlock 5-0 Ted Hankey

Friday 11 January Quarter Finals

Mark Webster 5-1 Darryl Fitton
Brian Woods 5-3 Scott Waites

Saturday Semi Finals Times BBC1 1430 BBC2 1630

Mark Webster vs Martin Adams
Mark Webster 6-4 Martin Adams Final Score

Simon Whitlock vs Brian Woods
Simon Whitlock 6-3 Brian Woods Final Score


Men's final 1755 BBC2

Mark Webster vs Simon Whitlock
Mark Webster 7-5 Simon Whitlock Final Score

Mark Webster wins the Lakeside BDO Championship 2008

Mark Webster wins the Lakeside BDO Championship 2008

Mark Webster vs Simon Whitlock last set

Lakeside BDO Championship 2008 Best Checkouts and Highlights

Friday, 4 January 2008

My YouTube page

Had my YouTube page up for a while to host most of my videos so may as well post a link to all of my videos in one place plus a few of my favorite YouTube videos from others

Eyerex YouTube Page

Eyerex YouTube Page

Feedjit Show off your Live Traffic

I saw this on analogues blog and was thinking that looks good showing where in the world people have come from to get to your blog so had to add Feedjit to mine which i have on my sidebar
They also have code for world map and what your most popular pages are plus you can custom the colours and size to fit your site

So add a little something to your Google Blog :)


Feedjit Link

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Pure Evoke 3 DAB Radio

I fancy getting a new radio and making the step into DAB so having looked at the DAB radios from Roberts and Pure i'm thinking of getting the Pure Evoke 3 which has a great spec if being a little bit on the dear side it looks like it fit's the bill as the main thing i was looking for is to be able to record to an SD card plus playback mp3's also

Another plus point for the Pure DAB is you can set timers for your recordings which you can't do with the Roberts also it has EPG so set up your records for the week just like Sky+

Pure Evoke 3


So anyone out in the world of Blogging have one and what do they think of it

Windsurfer Parabolic Dish

Little tip for increasing your wireless range

If like me your wifi signal is a little low round the house and you don't mind getting the glue out try making a Windsurfer Parabolic Dish as it can make the difference from having no signal to a good one

So if your from the blue peter generation and made the odd thing out of the junk under the sink it should only take 15 mins or so to knock one up which you then place on the antenna of your router and your done

Video from DL.TV of Patrick Norton and Robert Heron putting one together and testing

Link to pattern