Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Top Gear Night In This Christmas

Looks like theres a Top Gear special on over christmas 5 3/4 hours of shows from the gang Jeremy Clarkson,Richard Hammond and James May so thank good theres something worth watching this christmas well sunday at 4:15 there is :)

Looks like where going to get Jeremy Clarksons episode of Have I Got News for You which went out earlier in the year and a show where James May does a comedy study of one man's struggle for masculinity in an all-female world. Stuck between two sisters, James May's only toys were their hand-me-downs, but now his time for revenge has arrived.
Plus Richard Hammond meets the late Evil Knievel who died this year so fingers crossed the rest is as good
Ps i think the Stigs in there somewhere with an episode of Top Gear :)

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