Monday, 31 December 2007

The FilmMachine is released

Love this software which is about the best avi to DVD software about

30 December 2007 version beta
- Fixed DVD burning with Nero when you have Nero 8 installed.
- Changed maximum average bitrate to 9800 minus the audiobitrate.
- Replaced the internal shrinking engine with Rejig (fixed a bug by doing so).
- Implemented support for Grass Valley (Canopus) Procoder 3.
- Implemented libaften.dll instead of aften.exe and updated it to the latest SVN release (thanks to Madshi).
- Implemented the latest version of HcEncoder (version 0.22) with multiprocessor support.
- Now ISO filename is the same as the ISO title.
- Fixed bad sound when source movie has 3 or 4 channels.
- Enabled the 5.1 upmix feature for other audio sources also.
- Fixed speedup sound when 5.1 audio was converted to stereo.
- Fixed a bug mixing up subtitle framerates.
- Adjusted video bitrate calculation when DVD has 2 audio streams.
- Fixed the "ERR: SRC moves backwards" error in DvdAuthor. DvdAuthor now only gives a warning.
- Fixed a few other bugs.

The FilmMachine

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