Thursday, 11 October 2007

Codemasters Race Driver Create & Race Ds-Lite

Put the pedal down as Codemasters Race Driver Create & Race is on the grid, got this game today as after playing Mario Kart for about a year now i wanted something different and after trying a few other so called real driving games for the Ds-Lite i parted with my money with codemasters as played a few of there other driving games over the years
So what does this game give you well most of the well known tracks are there from Silverstone to NĪ‹rburgring with about 32 tracks from around the world in total and 25 licensed cars
Also if you fancy a race with a mate or someone around the world you can with the wifi connection which is a great addition
As for the game it's self the graphics are smooth if a little blocky but well detailed and all the cars handle differently so your going to have to learn the difference between them

Well if you have some spare cash and want a driving game for your Ds-Lite you want be disappointed

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boyward said...

This thing looks pretty neat. What sort of cars are there? Will look for an online review.

boyward said...

Tried Bathurst? Need lightning-fast reactions through the tight twisty section. Almost made it through without hitting the wall once. Are you using bonnet view? By far the easiest in my opinion.

boyward said...


I have set-up a post on the codemasters forum for Create and race drivers to drop their friend codes. I'm still waiting for my dongle, which I ordered on Tuesday. Anyway, there's a couple of racers there already if you want to pit your wits against them or get involved. See you on the tarmac soon. Here's the link ~ though you will probs have to register first.

boyward said...

My friend code is 2706-9686-7886

Have you got the city tracks on designer yet? Awesome!