Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Jenson Button to drive for McLaren Mercedes

With the F1 musical chairs about to start i would love to see Jenson Button drive for McLaren Mercedes, it's a shame that Honda who put all the effort in to give him a car to try and win the F1 crown haven't pulled it off and i can't see them doing it in the future so i think it's time Jenson should move

As it looking like Fernando Alonso is going to Ferrari as it seems he know a lot about the Ferrari cars already the McLaren drive is open for Button so please Ron Dennis give him the drive he deserves

Ps It's a shame that i feel Felipe Massa will be the one to leave Ferrari as even with what i said about Alonso being the innocent man in the Lewis pit lane row Alonso should be the one left out in the cold.........

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boyward said...

It would be good to have an 'All British' Team, but I would like to see Rosberg get the drive.

Maybe Mercedes would like the German aspect too.

And I'd love to see the back of Fernando.