Monday, 24 September 2007

Custom YouTube Page

Been trying to make a custom YouTube page but as most people have found out you can't hack your page like you can on MySpace, so after trying a few things the only i've found of making a custom page is to edit the background which isn't perfect but it does make your page standout a little more from others

The easiest way is to just make a patten which just repeats but that can look a little boring so the only other way is to try and make a background picture with the extra info or pictures added to it then upload that to YouTube
Only problem is it's all trial and error getting it right at the moment as just did my background which i added a little more info and some graphics but when i wanted to add some more stuff it totally went out of line and didn't work so still need to work at it :)

Eyerex Custom YouTube Page Background

Eyerex YouTube Page

Update 10 july 2008

Looks like YouTube have changed the size of the video window on there page so i've got change the size of the neon frame i put round the main video which i will do later

Just doing a new one for Ruff But Sweet which i've just started so waiting for them to add content to page then i can work out where to put graphics

Custom YouTube Page Background

Rough But Sweet Sound System YouTube Page

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You can also get free images made specifically for YouTube at: