Friday, 14 September 2007

The Craft

The story of three girls with a passion for the dark arts but with one piece of the jigsaw missing "The forth" Then with a new girl starting at there high school could that missing piece finally be about to fall into place
The story takes you from there awakening to a story of revenge and to awake the ultimate power of Mano

I've forgotten how many times i've watched this film but it's a true classic with the lead cast playing there parts so well and one Fairuza Balk i still think she must be a bit nut's in real life lol

This film should be in everyones collection

Fairuza Balk
Neve Campbell
Rachel True
Robin Tunney

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Ash said...

I've not seen this in ages but did enjoy it. Features a cool version of the Beatles tune, "Tomorrow Never Knows" aswell as I recall.