Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New Super Mario Bros Ds-Lite

As you can see from this video i'm a bit crap "alright very crap lol" got New Super Mario Bros today as it was going cheap as it's been out a while so had to get

Well i'm still playing yoshi so was hoping mario bros was going to be better or just more fun but for me it lacks something which yoshi has, can't put my finger on it as mario is a good game and i can see myself playing to the end but the "X" is missing and all i have is a "Y" but still think it's a game everyone should have for there ds lite

As for graphics there super smooth with great colour like a fight at dulux


Ash said...

I love this game!! I brought this for my wife's DS and spent ages on it myself.


Eyerex said...

I'm still only on world 2 and need some more practise playing the game