Monday, 6 August 2007

Diddy Kong Racing Ds-Lite

Loved this game on the N64 so was happy to see it turn up on the Ds-Lite so with a little trepidation i fired up the cart to be greeted with everything i had wished for from the game with the colourful graphics and all the tracks from the N64

So if you want a change from mario kart which is the daddy!! i would give diddy kong racing a go as it comes with such a varied amount of tracks plus racing round them in the three different vehicle car, plane and hovercraft is so much fun


Paul said...

Nice review. Like the video footage you included aswell. I think it really helps with videogame reviews to see how the game actually plays.

Thanks for putting a link up to my blog. I've done the same for you.


Ash (Friday Film Fest).

Eyerex said...

Cheers always put links to blogs which i find interesting and read regularly
Just been playing with friends sony laptop which has HD playback, just wished i had a disc to see 1080 doing it's stuff

Paul said...

If the laptop has the right connections to hook up to your HDTV (usually requires component or HDMI) you can always download 1080 trailers from Apple for stuff like Spider-Man 3 to have a sample.

Eyerex said...

Like a plum i didn't think of that lol
will have to pop over to quicktime site and download some, not sure if the laptop has a HDMI will have to look next time i get my hands on the thing and put in my bag and run up the road with a Sony VGN-AR41S "it's a thing of beauty"

joen05 said...

Nice review man.. I like the way your blog looks, and I know I'll come here for some more reviews. Come by mine if you like.