Thursday, 13 December 2007

Cape Town, Durbanville Photos

Been a long time since i went to Cape Town but it's one of them places you just don't want to leave and i hope one day to go back
so find a few photos of my trip to Cape Town where i stayed in Durbanville which is just outside the main centre of Cape Town.

Me and michelle table mountain
Been a long time since i saw Michelle and not sure if she still lives in Durbanville as we lost touch so hope if or when i go back to find her :)

Think this photo was the first day i was in Cape town and is outside the blue peter pub just outside Durbanville on Blouberg beach so as it was the first day there we had to have a beer "a very cheap beer"

The place where i stayed in Durbanville, Cape town

Pool !!! one thing you don't get in the back garden in south London
Durbanville, Cape town

Me and michelle Gordons Bay, Cape Town

View from table mountain of the twelve apostles, Cape town

Hermanus south Africa the place where you go to see the whales in the bay also where you can find a wimpy lol

Table mountain view from Blouberg Beach
If you want some great views of table mountain you have to head to Blouberg beach also the beach go's on for ever plus if you fancy a beer head over to the blue peter pub if it's still there

More photos here

5 comments: said...

Hi...Cape Town seems to be worth to travel to.....wonderful photos!

Heartly greetings Sabine

boyward said...


Eyerex said...

Would go back to cape town right now if i could but have two problems, one is i would have to pay full price for flights as only paid £250 last time and two i have a fear of flying now :(

Kerry-Anne said...

Thanks for visiting our blog - yup, those baboons are tricksy creatures... gotta watch your back. :) It's always so great to see our city through the eyes of a tourist, so I'm glad to have found your photos here. I used to stay in Durbanville too, so know the area pretty well (and since we still live nearby you'll notice it features on our blog from time to time...)
Your shot of the old harbour at Hermanus is great - it's one of my favourite places.

Eyerex said...

Had a great day in Hermanus sitting on the hillside watching the whales also spent a few hours at the Boulders with the penguins with them coming to see the humans on the beach lol

Just a shame i've lost contact with the family me and my sis stayed with in Durbanville