Wednesday, 15 August 2007

BBC iplayer

From BBC
BBC iPlayer Beta will let you download a wide range of BBC television programmes for free from the last seven days.
The programmes you choose to download are stored in your BBC iPlayer Library on your computer for up to 30 days. You then have up to seven days to watch them. Once you download them you don't have to be on the internet to watch them when it suits you. We're still testing BBC iPlayer and making improvements and for that we need your help. If you're based in the UK and aged over 16, you can apply to join the BBC iPlayer Beta and be part of one of the most exciting new developments in broadcasting.

My bit
Only thing thats a pain is that you have to setup name and password with as well to run but looks like a winner to me and going to use now to get my TV fix when i want :)
just downloading coast with is 400MB which took me about 6 mins's

Couple of the login screens and to look for stuff plus the download software running on desktop (see pic's below)

looks like now you can watch TV from the BBC direct from the iplayer site now via flash

Only one thing i wish they would change is use x264 for there video as X264 is a far better codec for encoding video as the main thing is you can have smaller video files but still have better video quality than DIVX


boyward said...

Can you get Match Of The Day?

Eyerex said...

Match Of The Day is about the only thing i've not seen on it

Eyerex said...

You don't get this weeks darts ever

Must be something to do with the file size needed to keep TV programmes like sport at a good quality

Eyerex said...

Just had a quick check and theres no sport whatsoever on BBC iplayer

So come on BBC pull your finger out and get sport on there