Saturday, 25 August 2007

Eyerex Photo Website

Just updated my web site as it was looking a little tired and plus i had a few spare hours on my hands so i fired up photoshop and got to work and after many cups of coffee and two many rollups i'm done just needs a few tweaks but think it came out ok

Site all done with photoshop and then put together using a WYSIWYG Web Builder which makes things easy as don't have a clue about html

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Eyerex the vet "That bloody cat"

That bloody cat caught a bird and brought it in the house which i've just found and as i'm a bird lover i had to save from the jaws of the cat
so have it in a box to keep warm so hope to save, only problem is most times birds go into shock when caught so fingers crossed i can save

Monday, 20 August 2007

My Plextor PX-716A Died

It's sad when you mourn the end of a company that once were the kings of burnning.......Yes Plextor! They may still be selling drives with the Plextor name but under there skin is a heart of a re-badged model from another company.
So the other day burning a backup when one of the last great Plextor drives gave up the ghost and after running a self test the drive was no more.
So it a shame when you see a Plextor PX-716A give up the ghost knowing i will never again have a Plextor DVD burner beating it's heart within my PC

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

BBC iplayer

From BBC
BBC iPlayer Beta will let you download a wide range of BBC television programmes for free from the last seven days.
The programmes you choose to download are stored in your BBC iPlayer Library on your computer for up to 30 days. You then have up to seven days to watch them. Once you download them you don't have to be on the internet to watch them when it suits you. We're still testing BBC iPlayer and making improvements and for that we need your help. If you're based in the UK and aged over 16, you can apply to join the BBC iPlayer Beta and be part of one of the most exciting new developments in broadcasting.

My bit
Only thing thats a pain is that you have to setup name and password with as well to run but looks like a winner to me and going to use now to get my TV fix when i want :)
just downloading coast with is 400MB which took me about 6 mins's

Couple of the login screens and to look for stuff plus the download software running on desktop (see pic's below)

looks like now you can watch TV from the BBC direct from the iplayer site now via flash

Only one thing i wish they would change is use x264 for there video as X264 is a far better codec for encoding video as the main thing is you can have smaller video files but still have better video quality than DIVX

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New Super Mario Bros Ds-Lite

As you can see from this video i'm a bit crap "alright very crap lol" got New Super Mario Bros today as it was going cheap as it's been out a while so had to get

Well i'm still playing yoshi so was hoping mario bros was going to be better or just more fun but for me it lacks something which yoshi has, can't put my finger on it as mario is a good game and i can see myself playing to the end but the "X" is missing and all i have is a "Y" but still think it's a game everyone should have for there ds lite

As for graphics there super smooth with great colour like a fight at dulux

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Picross Ds-Lite

My head hurts again as just picked up picross for the Ds-Lite, a game which starts simple with you having to workout where to put your squares according to the numbers by the side of the grid
well it sounds easy but starts getting tough after a few levels and you really have to get your brain in gear to clear the level, but!! there is a problem with this game and that it's taking up too many hours of my life :)

Picross Ds-Lite from Eyerex on Vimeo.

Alonso the innocent man

Don't know if anyone follows F1 but this weekend the shit hit the fan with the two team mates Alonso and Lewis Hamilton with Alonso blocking Hamilton's last opportunity in qualifying by sitting in the pit box for longer than he should and so there wasn't time for his team mate to do another lap

Well Alonso got the pole but was then moved back 5 places on the gird for his Mr meaner but it has now come out that in qualifying Hamilton was told by the team to let Alonso pass him so he had a better run, but guess what Hamilton didn't do as asked by the team so in my eyes Alonso had every right to do what he did so is the innocent man in this

Monday, 6 August 2007

Diddy Kong Racing Ds-Lite

Loved this game on the N64 so was happy to see it turn up on the Ds-Lite so with a little trepidation i fired up the cart to be greeted with everything i had wished for from the game with the colourful graphics and all the tracks from the N64

So if you want a change from mario kart which is the daddy!! i would give diddy kong racing a go as it comes with such a varied amount of tracks plus racing round them in the three different vehicle car, plane and hovercraft is so much fun

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Paul Hardcastle: Nineteen

Paul Hardcastle: Nineteen