Saturday, 28 July 2007

The Number 23

Why is it that when you read movie review sites all they ever come out with is a movie sucks!!! each and every time

Well that's all i read about Jim Carrey new film The Number 23 but being the person i am i gave it a watch and guess what i would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see Jim Carrey play something far away from the norm

The story of a persons hidden mind which for most the memory's stay covered but for Carreys character the memory's come back to destroy him as he tries to uncover the reason to the number 23


Ash said...


Just had a look at your blog after reading the comments you put on mine (thanks for that by the way).

I have to say straight of the bat your blog is really striking visually. Really like the layout.

The subjects you write about are also interests of mine so I'll be dropping by on a regular basis.

Oh, and loved the review of Appleseed. I LOOOOOVE that movie!

Eyerex said...

Cheers for the comments
i always pop over to read the latest reviews you have put up as there always a good read

Like that you have new and older movies which i think most people would have missed

PS off to get the dust of some of my old video's

Clare said...

Thanks for the comment :]
I liked this film too, it was seriously under rated, i like that jim carrey can do both ace ventura and the number 23.
You obviously are creative, the photos are great!
Also, i love Mario :]