Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Alonso the innocent man

Don't know if anyone follows F1 but this weekend the shit hit the fan with the two team mates Alonso and Lewis Hamilton with Alonso blocking Hamilton's last opportunity in qualifying by sitting in the pit box for longer than he should and so there wasn't time for his team mate to do another lap

Well Alonso got the pole but was then moved back 5 places on the gird for his Mr meaner but it has now come out that in qualifying Hamilton was told by the team to let Alonso pass him so he had a better run, but guess what Hamilton didn't do as asked by the team so in my eyes Alonso had every right to do what he did so is the innocent man in this


Maxine Perella said...

it's a difficult one - there is no love lost with alonso and he must be real envious of the media spotlight on hamilton, who comes across as a pretty decent modest kind of guy at the end of the day.

Eyerex said...

True but for some reason i'm going off hamilton just find him to big for his boots
i know hes been a shot in the arm for F1 it's just that i side more with alonso

"i'm a true brit lol"

boyward said...

Nah, Alonso's a cheatr who is running scared of Hamilton. He was in the wrong. Lewis had a valid excuse.

Eyerex said...

Ron Dennis is going to show his teeth if things ain't sorted soon, but as things are it's like the good old days of senna and prost all we need now is for the BBC to get F1 back :)